Aligned Lead Gen Pro

A groundbreaking 10-week program meticulously designed to revolutionize your business into a lead generation powerhouse.

This program transforms the conventional approaches to lead generation by not only elevating your skills in catering to your clients but also by empowering your own business.

I'm ready to transform

*Consistent Revenue- you're tired of the constant revenue fluctuation and want steady revenue you can rely on

* You want better clients- you're ready to work with dream clients that value lead gen/engagement and are willing to make an investment.

*You want your time back- you're done spending countless hours on content & graphic creation and want to step more into strategy. 

*Build a profitable business- you want a business that can grow with you as you evolve.

I can relate to your experience because I have been in the same position.

I began my career as a general virtual assistant, transitioned to social media management, and eventually became a lead generation specialist. I used to struggle with being overworked, underpaid and finding clients. However, I discovered the benefits of specializing in a high-demand area, which has provided endless growth opportunities.

Growth opportunities like speaking in group programs, podcast interviews, and summits.

Did I get it Right?

I know you want:


A 10 week group program focused on helping you create an aligned business through lead generation skills.

This program is designed for virtual assistants & social media managers newer to the industry, who are looking to take their business to the next level. I will guide you through the process of identifying your ideal target audience and developing a lead generation strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Through this program, you will learn
~how to create an effective lead magnet
~use email marketing to nurture your leads
~create a product suite that is less about time
~help you optimize your sales funnel
~ provide feedback on your marketing materials

In addition to the coaching sessions, you will have access to a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. You will have the opportunity to network, share ideas, and collaborate with others who are on a similar journey.

Join today and start creating an aligned business that generates leads and drives revenue. Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level!

Let me introduce you to 

Aligned lead Gen Pro

Sign me up to revolutionize my business

Sign me up to Revolutionize my Business

Ready for the details

Over the course of 10 weeks we are going to dig into my proven framework that will take you into feeling more aligned and connected with your business!

We first need to dig into YOUR business. Get ready to get connected to your vision, make intentional shifts, and show up in the raw!

Building and scaling your  business with lead gen 

~ Refining your Ideal client
~ Clarify your messaging
~ Building your product suite
~ Pricing your services
~ Creating internal systems

You’re tired of clients that nickel and dime you and don’t value your time or expertise. Let’s change that and connect you to your dream clients that are dying to pay you! Get ready to dive into:

~ Customized engagement strategy
~ Client experience-starts from the first engagement
~ How to have sales conversations that aren’t icky
~How to convert followers into leads

How to find high-level clients

Your client experience can make or break your business. You need a fluid high-level experience that will not only bring in those dream client but will retain them. Together we’ll cover:

~ Contract-through a system confirm the tasks on there
~ Invoice-pricing /monthly
~ Kick off call questions-info that you will need to do your work
~ Communication with client-zoom every month, voxer access
~ How to have hard conversations and effectively communicate with your clients
~ Creating a customized lead tracker

Client Experience

We’re talking more than just engagement. You’re going to learn how to create custom strategies that will give you a ROI. We’re covering:

~ Goals-create strategy to get there, what happens when you don't reach them
~ Where to find ICAs- hashtags, competitors, in your own audience
~ Go back to your lead tracker when stuck/unsure, communicate
~ Engagement-inbound/outbound
~ Dm conversations-selling, welcome
~ Buyer types and how to talk to them
~ Analytics within the platforms
~ Other spots to find leads-email, FB groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Creating a lead gen strategy

Being mindful of your boundaries and mindset not only protects your energy but it also leads to greater results for your clients. Win Win! It’s time to get clear on your boundaries (in life and business), communicate effectively and prioritize yourself.

 ~ Stepping into your leadership
 ~ Adapting the CEO mindset
 ~ Creating self care routines
 ~ Enforcing boundaries
 ~ Communication

Mindset and Boundaries

In order to enhance your experience I am giving you the keys to vault! Everything that I’ve spent countless hours creating and perfecting is YOURS! We’re talking spreadsheets, templates, guides and more! Just to name a few:

  ~ Lead generation quarterly planner
  ~ Rip the bandaid off in the dms pdf
  ~ 30 days of content marketing ebook
  ~ Presentation on buyer types
  ~Other customized documents
  ~ guest speakers 

Tools & Resources

~ weekly zoom calls-a mix between guest speakers, trainings & hot seat coaching
~ Monday-Friday 1:1 voxer support
~ Review of your marketing documents
~ Access to all my resources


All the Details

Kind Words

“I like that you value personal and genuine connections, and I have seen that in the way you've been engaging with people. I really appreciate your flexibility to try new things, too, and our regular check ins.”

“It makes me feel more confident when I have someone who specializes in helping people convert into sales. I never liked sales-- but you have taught me techniques and also helped me gain confidence in myself” 

Investment Options

$1000 paid in Full or
2 payments of $500

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BONUSES: added 60 min one to one call & $100 off

Next steps

I'm Ready

Fill out the application at the link above and i will be in touch with you

This is for a VA or SMM who are or want to offer lead generation services within in their business that want to enhance their skills.

Who is this for?

You receive weekly zoom calls that will be agreed upon mutually. There will be Monday-Friday voxer access where I will be checking 2-3 times per day. Review of documents.

How much support do I receive?

On our first call together we get clear on your goals and the strategy you want to implement. Than each week on our call we walk through the framework, while you implement you get support from me on voxer.

What does this program look like?

Q & A

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